Unexplained weight loss 20 years old

31. srpna 2011 v 21:40

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Best Answer: I'm assuming they've done an MRI of the brain as well, not just GI. If not done so already, I would ask for neurology consult and possibly endocrinology .
Ten-year-olds are not supposed to lose their hair unless something is wrong. The New York Times magazine features a weekly column about unexplained medical mysteries and .
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The Chocolate Weight Loss Diet System Get a piece of the action: Eating chocolate and losing weight! It doesn
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My husband has lost about 40lbs in last 2 months. I would say a total of 50lbs in last 4months. Went to family dr and he just focused on the fact that he smoked.
Hello, My mom just turned 50 this year. She was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes two years ago and was 168 pounds at 5"5'. Her doctor put her on Metformin, and she is .
Lose It Fast HCG Diet
Unexplained weight loss: Symptom
This article is about the biomolecule known as vitamin K. For the unrelated drug sometimes referred to as vitamin K, see ketamine.
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States' spending may help keep childless seniors independent Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago report that living in a state with higher Unexplained weight loss 20 years old spending on .
Ciprofloxacin: MedlinePlus Drug Information 19 January 2010 8:49 UTC www.nlm.nih.gov [Source type: General] Unexplained weight loss 20 years old . Medical Information for consumers and providers
I am a 26 year old female and i am 5 6 in height and have weighed around 130 - 140 pounds for as long .
i am 33 yrs old i have been having these dizzy

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