Best way to get a high off a percocet

31. srpna 2011 v 21:52

I dislocated my knee and was given some by the doctor. They only made me sleepy. What
Best Answer: Sorry, abusing drugs is not something I condone or help with. . just depends on your tolerance ,if you take say 1 10mg 3x a day you could take 2-3 at .
What is the best way to get high on percocet? ChaCha Answer: Percocet addiction is a major risk with prolonged use (over 2-3 weeks) &.
One of the real payoffs for me with working at mindfulness was eliminating being upset about being upset. The non-judgmental observing has allowed me to realize that my .
Hello everyone this is my first time starting a thread. I really like this website and ive gotten tons of good information for the last year. Ive been taking percocet 5 .
Conduction of electromagnetic signals of the vaccine may pole of the AV of the B. In part it may other psychiatric Best way to take percocet to get high more ST elevation .
There is no best way. Any way you do it you will kill valuable brain cells. Obviously since you are asking the question the loss of any would be catastrophic.
Introduction to Rebound Headache. Rebound headache is one of the most common causes of daily headache. In a person who previously has only a couple of headaches per month .
Is snorting the best way to get a high off of Vicodin? Best way to get a high off a percocet ChaCha Answer: Crushing up and snorting Vicodin is the easiest and fastest way.
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Kurs Pinnacle to pakiet 21 Best way to get a high off a percocet film�w, kt�re od zupe .
Im just to the point where I really want off of this S*** I just am having a hell of a time getting there. I watched my parents both be hooked on drugs as a child I dont .
I have used fentanyl since 1997 after back surgery,

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